Monday, April 26, 2010

AEMMA Spring Pas D' Armes

I had the pleasure of attending the AEMMA Spring Pas D'Armes at FAC Toronto. It is a Full armor combat tournament, hosted by the Academy of European Medival Martial Arts. It was a wonderful event, seeing combatants from Ottawa, Muskoka, and Toronto. They were dressed in "full harness" which means a full suit of armor. No easy feat to fight with an additional 60-75 lbs! They had their choice to fight in pole axe, spear, Longsword, Dagger and combinations thereof. It was an thrilling event to watch. Each combatant was accompanied by their squire, in some cases, fathers and sons. It was so sweet to watch the sons help their dads dress in their armor.  I marvel at the Fighting Arts Collective and the wonderful community of sportsmanship and respect they have built. They train with dedication, study the history, the manuscripts of old, and study the Art. They are truly scholars and Gentlemen. Heads up Ladies, Knights in armor do indeed still exist!
I have photographed several AEMMA events, and find capturing the flashes of steel and quick moving bodies an interesting challenge. This last shoot was by far my favorite, here are some photos, I hope you enjoy!


  1. That's too cool. I like the colours :D

  2. These are very nice treatments of the digital images. You really brought out the textures of the salle. The whole thing has a very romantic feel to it.

    Excellent work!

  3. Maybe I'm strange for noticing this, but the hardwood floors look amazing in these shots!

  4. Where did you get your bec di corbins?!?! I love the looks of those

  5. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! I really appreciate your comments.

    @davenriche: The corbins were personally crafted for AEMMA, the shafts were made by David Cvet and the tops were moulded by a film prop person. Very cool yes?