Thursday, May 13, 2010

Royal Heraldry Society Dinner

 On May 1st I was invited to a Royal Heraldry Society black-tie dinner. I was fighting off a case of food poisoning, and nervous to boot. There are a whole range of lighting factors I knew my little camera couldn't handle, but I was determined to do my best.
The evening was held at Hart House at the U of T campus. It is a lovely building, great background, but very little light. The Heraldry Society was presenting a donation to Hart House towards the restoration of the coat of arms in the great hall. Everyone was so lovely to me, and many had seen my work, mostly from the AEMMA Spring Pas D'Armes, thanks to my friend David Cvet. It was quite a thrill being complimented. The personal highlight was when Lord Robbie Sprules said he had visited my blog and liked my work. I thought no one was reading this, since my only follower is my loyal and sweet boyfriend, lol. It goes to show that you never know who is seeing you work once you put it out there in Internet land.
After all that talking up from David, I hope my shots don't disappoint. It did really emphasise how badly I need to upgrade my equipment, but that's another blog post. I did feel I could have done much better though.  Nonetheless, Here are some shots of the evening.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


 Last Thursday I had a shoot with my friend  Judith. Judith and I met on a Tv program we were on together, and became fast friends. She is one of those people I adored instantly. She has a serene, happy presence, and the most contagious smile. Judith is a Yoga instructor, as well as a practitioner of Ayurvedic and Indian head massage. She needed some new photos for her blog, and to boost her business. We spent the afternoon chatting away and snapping some pictures, and here is the result.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Babies

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting the Lims, and photographing their beautiful family. They graciously invited me to their home, and there were 8 family members present, from all generations. Photographing babies and children is a whole new ballgame, and presents it's own set of unique challenges. I learned so much from this shoot! I realize how I need to take a breath, center myself and learn how to direct my subjects better.
Shooting indoors without a proper studio has it's challenges as well, and I felt the second we went outside was when the photos became more alive. It also really hit home for me to see how important what I do actually  is. For many clients, this is a once in a lifetime investment. The photos they are given will be cherished for a lifetime, perhaps even through generations. That is so special, and part of why I feel so blessed to do what I do. Being privy to these inimate moments, and transforming them into meanigful, enduring images drives my passion for photography.
 Here are a few shots from Tuesday.